Holton and his wife, Earlene, are responsible for helping thousands of people develop and realize their dreams and goals. Guided by the credo, ‘create leaders, not followers,’ Holton specializes in leadership development. His proven track record of success is evidenced by the words used to describe those he mentors and their success: top achievers, top income earner, etc.

Holton achieved Director in YTB within 43 Days of getting started breaking the previous record in half the time.  No one in the 7 year history of YTB has gone director as fast as Holton Buggs.

Currently, Holton’s goals and the pursuit of his passion have made him a Master Trainer and Motivational Speaker. His business savvy and entrepreneurial expertise is internationally recognized and sought after.

Definition of Purpose

With a desire and definiteness of purpose to positvely affect the lives of over 100 million people personally, spiritually and financially, Holton’s mentorship, training and motivation increasingly help others open their eyes to life’s possibilities.


Holton has been recognized and featured in a variety of media including:

  • The Power of a Mentor
    Holton Buggs, Jr.: Touching a Hundred Million Lives
    NETWORKING Times, March/April 2005
  • Conversations on Success, Vol. 6
  • Millionaire magazine (The ‘Billionaire’ Issue)
    May/June 2004


A Wealth Mentality will always precede wealth accumulation.
—Holton Buggs

Success happens when preparedness and opportunity meet.

Freedom, to me, is being able to do things on your own terms. I believe that a person can’t be personally free until they are financially free.
—Holton Buggs

In life you don’t get what you want, you get what you picture.
—Holton Buggs

The deposit is first, the withdrawal comes later. You have to decide what you’re willing to give up temporarily to get what you picture. …success is not easy or convenient. However . . . success is very simple to obtain.
—Holton Buggs

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