Crown Amassador Holton Buggs describes the cornerstones of his philosophy for success.

First, you’ve got to know why you’re building this business. People don’t do anything without a motive. Holton Buggs says, “Ask yourself why you got involved, what you intended to accomplish.” And when you identify that compelling dream, desire or goal, you must be able to be able to clearly visualize it. You must be able to see it in your mind’s eye. Once you have it in focus, you must reinforce and retain it through repetition — going back to it so often that it becomes part of your subconscious, just like breathing, says Holton Buggs.

Again, according to Holton Buggs, “It becomes your guiding star: following it becomes as simple and automatic as driving to the grocery store.” You don’t have to look for signs and landmarks, you just know where you’re going. Holton Buggs says that nothing is more important as “Identifying your why and then consistently and repeatedly visualizing it is essential.”

“Nothing gets accomplished without visualization. Every car we’ve ever driven, every chair we’ve ever sat, every home we’ve ever lived in existed in someone’s mind long before it became physical,” says Holton Buggs.

Second, says Holton Buggs, you must decide what you’re going to invest in your business, the time and money, you’re willing to put into it — and yourself — to reach your goals. Holton Buggs says it’s important that we be prepared to give up some activities that cut into your productive time and don’t take you closer to your goal. For a lot of people, it’s television. “For me,” says Holton Buggs, “it was golf. Golf is my passion.” Holton Buggs continues, “I used to play two to three times a week, but I gave it up because I wasn’t being paid to play golf and over the course of a year, it was costing me over a thousand hours. I reinvested that time into my mission, my why.”

Holton Buggs insists: You must also be willing to put time and money into the most important part of your business: Yourself. According to Holton Buggs, people say they want to be successful, but they expect to succeed while remaining the same person. Holton Buggs is clear: “I say that’s impossible. You must become the kind of person you want on your team, in order to attract that kind of person.” Invest some money in quality self-improvement books and CD’s, then invest your time in them. Holton Buggs continues, “I firmly believe that the number-one investment a person can ever make is in their own self-improvement.”

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